·Promote and save the culture and traditions of the peoples of the Amazon.

·To preserve the heritage of knowledge of these peoples that are in danger of extinction are based on traditions oral and spiritual practices and offer this invaluable legacy to future generations.

·Protect and promote the cultural and spiritual heritage of these peoples: art, language, dances, stories, myths, music, and in general everything that makes up the cosmology of the Amazonian peoples, and especially their close bond with nature, who feel inseparable from their environment.


• Promote the anthropological study of their customs, providing the means to create programs for the protection of Ethnobotanical heritage and Pharmacology, and especially the use of their medicines, sacred plants and traditional practices.
• Perform and promote all activities within the agricultural field and forestry that have aimed to protect the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest and tropical forest, especially reforestation.
• Support all the initiatives of solidarity in collaboration with all those foundations and local or international associations that have as a purpose the defence and safeguarding of the culture and traditions of the ancient peoples of the Earth.
• Promote a sustainable economy that will improve the quality of life of the communities that reside in the territory of the Amazon, and that helps in the conservation of the environment.

• Support initiatives aimed at reducing deforestation and preserving biodiversity, using innovative technologies to support these purposes.

• Organize trips related to ecotourism and stimulates cultural exchange.

• Organise cultural activities, parties, concerts and any other event that promotes the development of the culture of the Amazonian peoples.


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