Network of Amazonian Guardian Schools

It is therefore proposed that, in order to establish these links, twinning arrangements should be made between different schools in the Amazon and European schools.

Belonging to the Amazonian Guardian Schools Network also allows us to understand the real situation in which we find ourselves with regard to climate change. Recycling is important, but we are late if we want to save ourselves. We have to go a little further, become aware of the situation and take action.

The project aims to train child Guardians of the Amazon to take care of the ecosystems closest to them and to share experiences with other Guardians of the Amazon.

Being an Amazon Guardian child is an opportunity to:

Share links and knowledge with a twinned school of an indigenous people and collaborate as much as possible for the defence of the Amazon.
Transmit the message of connection with nature and respect for all living beings, understanding that we are a single organism and that breaking the balance affects the survival of all.
Respect and care for the closest ecosystems so that their balance is maintained and participate in local collective reforestation activities.


Propuesta didáctica Red de Escuelas Guardianas de la Amazonía

The didactic proposal offered by being part of the Amazonian Guardian Schools Network is very varied.

What makes it an interesting project is that it allows us to work in the areas of language, the environment, art and values, with a real, important and very attractive purpose for the pupils.

How did it start?

“For those of us who live in tropical forests, trees, plants, animals and micro-organisms are members of our community. We also have deities that protect the trees and the waters. And we have sacred trees.

Vicky Tauli-Corpuz, UN Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples.

Indigenous peoples’ traditional knowledge is recognised in the Paris Agreement as a powerful tool against climate change. Scientific evidence shows that where they live and manage the forest, there is no deforestation, fewer fires occur and trees are actively respected.

This is where indigenous peoples can make a great contribution by bringing us the gift of their worldview and ancestral wisdom. Indigenous peoples have been living in balance and respect for nature for thousands of years, preserving it. They have always known that there is nothing more valuable on planet Earth than living things, be they animals, plants or humans.

This project was born with the idea of transmitting the indigenous worldview to European children. The Guardian Schools Network of the Amazon allows to establish a direct contact between two realities: schools of indigenous communities of the Amazon, and European schools.

In this way we promote links between indigenous and non-indigenous children. This is the best channel to convey the interest for the rights of indigenous peoples and the conservation of the Amazon, as well as the importance of respect for all living things for the survival of the human species.
At the same time, the project wants to equip the indigenous schools participating in the project with computer technology that allows connection to the internet and enables students and teachers to access all the online training that exists on the web.